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The Software Stack:

The GraphLab project consists of a core C++ GraphLab API and a collection of high-performance machine learning and data mining toolkits built on top of the GraphLab API.  In addition, we are actively developing new interfaces to allow users to leverage the GraphLab API from other languages and technologies.


GraphLab Software Stack

GraphLab consists of the core GraphLab API as well as a collection of toolkits which implement a wide range of machine learning and data mining algorithms.

The GraphLab API

The GraphLab API is written in C++ and built on top of standard cluster and cloud technologies.  Inter-process communication is accomplished over TCP-IP and MPI is used to launch and manage GraphLab programs.  Each GraphLab process is multithreaded to fully utilize the multicore resources available on modern cluster nodes.  GraphLab supports reading and writing to both Posix and HDFS filesystems.

Support for Other Languages

We have active projects to support user code written in Java, Python, and JavaScript while retaining the performance of our low-level highly optimized execution environment. We hope to make these available by the end of year.

GraphLab is BigLearning on Graphs

GraphLab is a graph-based, high performance, distributed computation framework written in C++.  While GraphLab was originally developed for Machine Learning tasks, it has found great success at a broad range of other data-mining tasks; out-performing other abstractions by orders of magnitude.

GraphLab Features:

  • A unified multicore and distributed API: write once run efficiently in both shared and distributed memory systems
  • Tuned for performance: optimized C++ execution engine leverages extensive multi-threading and asynchronous IO
  • Scalable: GraphLab intelligently places data and computation using sophisticated new algorithms
  • HDFS Integration: Access your data directly from HDFS
  • Powerful Machine Learning Toolkits: Turn BigData into actionable knowledge with ease

GraphLab is Cutting Edge Research

GraphLab is the culmination of 4 years of research and development into graph computation, distributed computing, and machine learning. GraphLab scales to graphs with billions of vertices and edges easily, performing orders of magnitude faster than competing systems. GraphLab combines advances in machine learning algorithms, asynchronous distributed graph computation, prioritized scheduling, and graph placement with optimized low-level system design and efficient data-structures to achieve unmatched performance and scalability in challenging machine learning tasks.

Not only are we pushing the envelope of large-scale graph computation and BigLearning, we are also exploring the limits of small-scale systems for BigData.  With the new GraphChi project we are enabling a single desktop computer (actually a Mac Mini) to tackle problems that previously demanded an entire cluster.

GraphLab is for Everyone

GraphLab is open sourced under the Apache License 2.0.
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